Working with your accountant is like a relationship.

That fun of the initial chase.

The first date.

The courting rituals.

Flowers, dinners.

Remembering birthdays.

But then you start growing apart.

You find different interests and goals.

Date nights disappear.

Sometimes they just run their natural course.

Ignite Accountants is the other person.


We want to ignite the passion in the relationship again.

So if you're looking for a boutique accounting firm that is big on service and have a desire to grow your business, then let's have that first date. You'll always deal directly with Tim Goode, date nights every two months, long phone calls welcomed and more importantly, someone who will support you to achieve your goals.


Our clients say that it’s a journey that starts where the others stopped.

The challenge is, of course, that many business owners have a limited perception of what an accountant is or does.


At Ignite Accountants, we changed that perception many years ago.

Your journey with Ignite Accountants does start where the others stop.


Clients love that we REALLY listen to make sure we help you reach the highest levels of your dreams and goals.

We turn our knowledge into great value for you; it’s as simple as that.

There’s no smoke and mirrors.

There are no cookie-cutter solutions.

And there’s total transparency, too — no charging by hours —making what might be complex beautifully simple for you.


Perhaps you've justified staying with your current firm because you've always been with them.


Or maybe you tell yourself the hassle of changing is too hard - even with an accountant who isn't providing the level of service your business demands.

If you feel you're not getting everything you should from your existing relationship, it costs you nothing to get a second opinion.

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What if something good happens in the world when we work together?

Our mission over this year is to improve our client's profits.

SO THAT we can provide children with 1,000 years of clean water.



Because what we do, says who we are.


Accountant for Tradies | No one loves doing the books; keep all your hair and offload your books to Ignite. We will implement systems to get you paid faster.