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Why we love KeyPay

Recently Ignite Accountants was featured as a case study with KeyPay, and we thought we would share the article.

Ignite Accountants, established in November 2020, serves clients with payroll, compliance, bookkeeping and tax services. From tradies to hospitality clients to mum-and-dad SMBs, Ignite Accountants is dedicated to helping its clients grow and nurture their businesses.

With over 15+ years of experience as an accountant, Ignite Accountants' Director, Tim Goode, decided to take a leap of faith and start his own business. The vision for this new business: a boutique accounting firm that offered a hands-on, personal-touch experience to clients, helping them to drive efficiencies and maximise profit potential.

Getting started with KeyPay

With his vision in mind and prior proven experience with KeyPay, Tim knew from the outset that he would leverage KeyPay as a key product in his business to streamline and improve payroll processing for his clients.

"The implementation of KeyPay was sensational through a stressful time", Tim shared. "The team was accommodating, a great sounding board and worked promptly. In general, the support from KeyPay was outstanding."

Greater efficiencies and greater value for clients

To offer personalised service for payroll clients, it was essential to ensure that time spent with clients was spent on meaningful interaction rather than manual administrative tasks. Tim says previously, "there was a lot of back and forth on things like waiting for timesheets to be approved". Along with transparent agreements on who is responsible for what and when supporting clients with end-to-end workforce management and payroll solution that is flexible and intuitive, it was crucial in offering more efficient and tailored services.

With KeyPay, clients of Ignite Accountants are benefiting from an automated flow of data from timesheets to pay runs. This is helping to reduce the time spent chasing payroll information and has empowered some business owners to take the reins on the processing altogether.

"Our hospitality clients love processing their payroll through KeyPay", Tim shares. "After taking them through how the system works and seeing how easy it is, they are confident in running their payroll. Having timesheets go through the built-in rule sets and the system automatically choosing the correct pay categories has saved them a lot of time and hassle."

Overcoming complex payroll scenarios

Ignite Accountants services several large clients with complex payroll scenarios, including EBAs, that in the past have resulted in manual handling, including interpretation and calculations. These payrolls were error-prone and time-consuming, sometimes taking 3-4 days to process.

Clients of this scale and complexity require automated award interpretation for Ignite Accountants to maintain a high level of service and process client payroll efficiently. Tim emphasises that he couldn't service their large clients without KeyPay. "KeyPay is very easy to use and flexible in how you use it. I wouldn't do payroll of this complex nature without KeyPay," Tim says.

No longer having to interpret awards for each pay run manually has meant that Tim and the team can reduce the processing time of large client payrolls by 2-3 days. KeyPay's automated award interpretation has also eliminated different interpretations between payrolls, which has helped to instil trust between Ignite Accountants and their clients.

Tim's Tips

As an expert in the field, we were curious to hear Tim's advice to his payroll clients. Here's what Tim had to share:

  • Any business that pays under an award or has an EBA should use software like KeyPay to simplify the payroll process. This will ensure consistent award interpretation, no matter who processes the pay.

  • Rather than having payroll experts, having exceptional payroll software is the ultimate key to removing stress from payroll.



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