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Can an Accountant Dance?

Find out how my two left feet are progressing on the Dancing with our Stars challenge.

We're now mid-way through my twelve-week dancing lessons, and I can comfortably say that this is the most challenging activity I've taken so far.

To celebrate the mid-way point in my fundraising journey, I'm inviting everyone to a Trivia Night at the Royal Mail Hotel.

Come join in the fun and have a meal & few drinks with us all whilst supporting the local community. If you are busy and can’t make it but would like to chip in a little something, please do so here.

Trivia Night


Friday 16 June


7.30 pm


Royal Mail Hotel, 290 Albert St, Sebastopol


Entry fee of $20

How to book

Bookings are essential; please phone 03 5335 9000 to secure your spots

All ticket proceeds will be donated on Tim’s behalf to the Ballarat Foundation

I'll also be showing behind-the-scenes videos of the journey on the big screen so far!

Definitely worth the entry fee!


More about The Ballarat Foundation

It is a catalyst for positive community change by enabling philanthropic solutions to social problems.

They promote socially responsible giving, engage donors, build community partnerships, deliver grants and operate programs that reduce disadvantage and encourage connection, cohesion and prosperity.



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